September 2023

Thank you for showing an interest in our Out of School Club. 

Please contact the school office for information.  Mrs Brammer will be happy to help.


Breakfast Club

Please drop off your child off at the Dorset Street entrance between 7.45 a.m. and 8.15 a.m., if you wish for them to have breakfast.  

The staff will sign your child in.

Children will be taken to their classes safely at their start times.


After School Club

Children will be taken safely from their classes down to the Out of School Club, at their staggered times.

When picking up your child, please ring the bell at the entrance/exit on Dorset St.

Have your passwords ready and a member of staff will sign your child out safely to the appropriate adult.


Other information

Although past restrictions have been lifted (i.e. Covid), we will continue to maintain safe hygiene standards to prevent the spread of different viruses.  

Surfaces and touch-points will be cleaned regularly and children and staff will continue to regularly wash/gel their hands.  This will also help to prevent the spreading of other contagious diseases.


Best wishes

Mrs Renshaw



Breakfast Club £6.00 per session

After School Club £12.00 per session

Full week - £78.75


From September 2024

Breakfast Club £6.50 per session

After School Club £13 per session

Full week discount: £85


Thank you for choosing to use our breakfast and/or after school club. 

Both the Breakfast and After School club are accessed via the Dorset Street Entrance. 

In the interests of safety, could I please ask parents/carers using this entrance, to ensure that the gate is closed after 'drop-offs' and 'pick-ups'.

Many thanks.


If you have any queries/complaints please contact Mrs Renshaw or Mrs Brammer 01282 424919.

Should you require any copies of the forms displayed on the website, please contact the school office.