Anti-Bullying Charter

Bullying is targeting an individual or group over and over again in order to harm them physically or hurt their feelings, resulting in making them feel unwanted, unsafe or bad about themselves.

ALL members of our Community have a

Responsibility to:

  • Be friendly and kind to others
  • Tell a grown up if someone is being bullied
  • Only say kind words to others
  • Know that unkind words can hurt people's feelings
  • Respect others and their differences
  • Respect other people's things
  • Stay safe on-line

ALL members of our Community have a

Right to:

  • Feel safe at school
  • Be treated in a kind way by others
  • Expect others to behave in the right way
  • Know what bullying is
  • Know who to tell about bullying
  • Feel ok about telling a grown-up about bullying
  • Be happy with how grown-ups deal with bullying
  • Be safe when working on the computer