Autumn 1 Learning 2020

Reception home learning TERM: Autumn 1 2020

Personal development:

Encourage your child to practise the following tasks independently at home:

  • Put on their school coat and fasten it.
  • Eat their meals using a knife and fork, practising to cut up their own food.
  • Dress/undress themselves, putting on and fastening their own shoes.
  • Go to the toilet and thoroughly wash their hands.
  • Remember their full name, including their surname.
  • Know when their birthday is.

Physical development:

Ask your child to take part in activities that will help to develop their fine motor skills:

  • Use scissors to cut out shapes and pictures.
  • Make some play dough and ask them to roll, squeeze, twist and build with it.
  • Make pasta necklaces and bracelets by threading pasta onto string, wool or ribbon.
  • Build 3D models with bricks, Lego and shapes.
  • Paint with water (this is fun outdoors).
  • Help peg put the washing.

Communication, Language and Literacy:

Help your child to develop their communication skills by:

  • Reading stories together and talking about the books when you have read them.
  • Sing nursery rhymes together.
  • Ask your child questions about their day using the prompts: where? Why? How? When? What?
  • Find your name around the house or any letters in your name. You could even have a try at writing some of the letters.
  • Encourage your child to speak in full sentences e.g. I would like a glass of water please. I went to the park and played on the slide.
  • Involve your child in imaginative play, each take on a role and build stories around props e.g. you could turn a cardboard box into a ship and pretence to be pirates.


Help your child to develop their understanding of number and shape by:

  • Counting from 0 to 10 (you could add actions, silly voices etc).
  • Count groups of objects around the house (cups, forks, socks, shoes, pens).
  • Play games using positional language e.g. put the teddy underneath the table, put your shoes inside the box.
  • Look for shapes around your house. See if you can spot a triangle, circle, square and rectangle.
  • Go on a number hunt- make some number cards 0-10. Hide them around your house and garden. Ask your child to find them and say the numbers they have found.
  • Collect some different objects from around the house. Put them in order according to length and height.