Lancashire Radio  - Pudsey Bed Push

We made banners and bunting to celebrate the fund-raising and the bed push so far!

Mrs Renshaw and one of the pupils who raised lots of money were interviewed for the radio! :)


Pudsey Bear  - Rickshaw Challenge 

Graham and the team came to see as at school again!  They had travelled a long way! 

Children in need: Power to the tower



Active Maths Trail with Parents

We had lots of fun when our parents joined us for our Active Maths Trail.

The children had to throw bean bags into hoops and work out their score. The children had fun jumping up the ladder and counting in 10s from any number!
They had to find the matching clocks and times hidden under the cones. Children worked outside with their parents, following the problem solving trail. 


Grove Gallery


Year 2 Pebble Garden planting in May

Year 2 families kindly donate plants so that their can children plant them in our Pebble Garden to enhance their learning on 'how to look after plants'.