Home School Agreement

-In our school we aim to develop the child through constructive comments and positive responses.

-Together, we explore the skills we need to be good learners and acknowledge these dispositions in all our endeavours.  

-We promote self-evaluation and set realistic targets involving each child in the learning process.

Our Home/School Agreement September 2021:

 The School will:-

  • Provide a safe and caring environment for your child.
  • Maintain a high standard of education and provide a broad and balanced indoor and outdoor curriculum.
  • Endeavour to meet the needs of all children.
  • Teach children to develop a positive attitude towards everyone regardless of difference in gender, race, culture, belief, values, age and need.
  • Work with parents/carers to ensure good attendance and punctuality.
  • Promote high standards in behaviour.
  • Hold regular meetings with parents/carers to discuss the progress of children, indicating strategies and areas for development.
  • Encourage parents/carers involvement in their child’s education through our school website, newsletters, text messages, meetings and your child’s annual report.
  • Provide appropriate homework to support learning.

Parents/Carers will:-

  • Support the schools procedures and policies.
  • Read and act upon information sent home.
  • Be respectful and considerate towards members of the school and local community and comply with the parking restrictions around school.
  • Work in partnership with school to develop positive attitudes towards those from different cultures and races and with different feelings, values and beliefs.
  • See that my child attends regularly and arrives at school on time.
  • Avoid leave in term time.
  • Let school know of any concerns that may affect my child’s work or behaviour at school.
  • Support and work with school in any behaviour management programmes.
  • Attend parents’ meetings to discuss the progress my child has made.
  • Keep school up to date with any changes to contact details.
  • Adhere to our rule of no earrings in school.
  • Regularly check that all clothing and possessions are labelled.
  • Support my child with homework tasks and reading and remind them to bring their school bag to school every day.

The Child will:-

  • Work hard and always try to do their best.
  • Respect other cultures, feelings, race and beliefs.
  • Take good care of the school building, equipment and grounds.
  • Behave in a safe way.
  • Follow the school rules, remember our Playground Charter and Manners Matter.
  • Always do their homework.