LEARNING AT ROSEGROVE INFANT SCHOOL 

Please click on the CURRICULUM page where you will find our CURRICULUM/TEACHING INTENT: 

i.e. 'why' we teach what we teach and our impact targets.


Our Curriculum Plan or 'TEACHING SEQUENCE' is at the bottom of the CURRICULUM page too.

This details the knowledge and skills we teach right through from the Reception year to Year two.




We use the Red Rose Letters and Sounds Phonics Scheme.

A systematic, synthetic phonics programme, using the Letters and Sounds approach.  
This planning programme has been developed, continuously evaluated and refined over several years, using the expertise of effective classroom practitioners and phonics experts at LPDS, in order to provide a tightly focused systematic approach to planning and teaching phonics. 




We shared Lancashire's commitment to their year of reading in 2018 and made the following pledge, that we still hold by: 
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We are committed to: 

Becoming a reading school.

Seeking out every opportunity to improve standards in reading within our school.

Encouraging reading for pleasure.

Enabling children to read in depth in a wide range of subjects, deepening their knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.

Working with other schools, our local library and other partners to promote reading as a life-long skill.

Rosegrove infant School continues to uphold these values in reading.