Reception Home Learning – Summer 1


This half term we are learning phase 3 sounds and tricky words:





Communication, Language and Literacy

Physical Development




  • Play games such as tricky word hunt, musical statues, musical bumps, snap, bingo etc.
  • Find the sounds in books
  • Practise spelling words like: chick, ship, ring, think, leek, light, goat etc.
  • Practise reading words like: car, moon, bang, chin, sheep, fork etc.
  • Practise reading captions like: Fish and chips in a dish, The sheep is in pain, A ring in a box.
  • Practise writing simple captions and sentences: A red car, The rain is wet, A goat in a boat.
  • Can you write the sounds and tricky words cursively?


Tricky words: Those words that cannot be sounded out.

Reading strategy: point to and say all the sounds in the word, repeat. Blend the sounds together.

Spelling strategy: say the word, say all the sounds you can hear in the word, write them down, check your word by reading it.



  • Count on and back to and from 30.
  • Make a set of 0-20 number cards, can you put them in order? Can you do it faster?
  • Can you order a set of random numbers.
  • Can you use objects around your house to practise adding and subtracting single digit numbers from any number up to 20.
  • Can you make your own number line – say one more or one less than a given number.
  • Write numbers 0-20.
  • Can you get some objects and double them? Use a ladybird and put the same number of spots on each side i.e. 2 doubled is 4 (2+2)
  • Can you get various objects and halve them (split them between two teddies)?
  • Order three sets of objects based on their capacity – which holds most water? Which holds the least?
  • Say the days of the week in order – draw what you do on each day.
  • Using a teddy can you put it in different positions and describe it e.g. In the box, under the table. Use these words: on, in, under, in front of, behind, next to, in between, on top of.
  • Explore money – what are the coins worth? Set up your own little shop and pretend to pay for items.

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Read a story or e-book – talk about your favourite part, who were the characters? Where was the story set, What happened at different points of the story.
  • Draw a story map of your chosen story.
  • Get a collection of objects – can you think of some sentences about them? Can you use and, and because in your sentence i.e. the scissors cut the paper because I wanted it to fit in the envelope.
  • Use the picture below to make up some sentences with some interesting words in.

  • Access oxford owls to read various books. (Log in sent during learning lockdown)

Physical Development

  • Practise cutting out different shapes and textures.
  • Play traffic lights – red means stop, amber mean walk and green means run.
  • Practise throwing, catching, patting, rolling and kicking a large ball.
  • Threading – making daisy chains, pasta necklaces, button threading.
  • Use construction materials to make a various creations.
  • Can you have some timed races, running, egg and spoon, sack race, skipping etc.
  • Make some play dough and use it to make things or take part in dough disco.
  • Use balloons to pat and keep it in the air without it touching the floor or objects.

Topic – People who help us

  • Make a list of people who help us and why.
  • Make and write thank you cards for people who help us.
  • Role play some situations where you have been helped i.e. at the vets, doctors, dentist, post office.
  • Make junk model emergency vehicles which are used by people who help us.
  • Can you make your own finger prints using paint
  • Talk about how we can help people.
  • Talk about what you would like to be when you grow up and why?
  • Choose an occupation that interests you and find out more using books, internet, asking questions to people you may know in the job etc.