Year Groups

JANUARY 2021 - Home Learning/Activities -

  • Look our for the daily ZOOM links from one of the adults in your child's class bubble.  The email will come from one of the class learning email addresses.
  • To find the Spring (and Summer) term’s teaching overviews for your child:- Click on the Year Group link for your child in the menu to the left/bottom of page: 'Reception' or 'Year 1' or 'Year 2',
  • Click on the 'Online Learning link and Websites' link to find updated links to other fun learning resources.
  • There is also an extra section to help support your child’s mental health and well-being and to encourage them to keep active while we stay safe at home.
  • Have fun! Use the class learning email to send us photos of anything that your child has done daily if possible but at least weekly. We need and love to see all the hard work and lovely activities that families are doing together.



We have three year groups in our school; Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Each year group has 2 classes as we have up to 60 pupils in each year.

For your information:

Our Reception classes are called;

Pearl and Topaz

Our Year 1 classes are called;

Diamond and Sapphire

Our Year 2 classes are called;

Opal and Emerald